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Whatever is going on in the Paranormal Community you will find listed here. We will try to keep an up to date listing of events happening around in our area of Florida and parts of Georgia.



Speakers has now been lined up!


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We are preparing NOW for our 2013 ParaCon
We are planning a Complete and very different Paranormal Gathering!
We have changed the name to surround everything the mind can think of!!
The location will be in the wonderful Old Town of St. Augustine!
Tickets will go on sale online:
@ $15.00 each    [adult fee]
Children under 12 yrs. of age will be admitted FREE
Tickets the Day of the ParaCon 2013:
@ $20.00 each    [adult fee]
Children under 12 yrs. of age will be admitted FREE
Vendors are WELCOME!!
Vendors Fee @ $50.00 a booth
[Also different sponsor packages available at different prices listed on next page]
[We do encourage all vendors as this is a great opportunity to advertise your work...your business....and make money doing it!!]
We provide you the space and you provide your own setup!!
The sky is the limit!!
This year we are wanting to invite ALL of the Paranormal Community to join us...with speakers on all ends of the Paranormal!
The Paranormal is a Vast Community!  It does not start and end only with Ghosts!
We are wanting to present a whole line of Paranormal Thought!
Our thoughts being...Why limit the ParaCon 2013 to only Ghost Hunting??
There is so much more to our unseen world...things like UFO's, "Bigfoot" and the like.
What of the world of the Feary?? Are they real? Do you believe?
What about the Native Americans? What do they know that we need to understand?
The list goes on and on!!
We are not limiting ourselves this year!
We are expanding...evolving as we should...into understanding so many other things about our world...what is here...what things do we simply overlook?
Complete Paranormal Research is the key to many things, if you but open your mind to all that is here around you.
The many Dimensions that Science has discovered!
What is within these Dimensions?
Be aware that this ParaCon is including Everything!
We all want to learn from one another...thus the reason for the ParaCon 2013!!
Our location has been set for the Historic Days Inn in St. Augustine, FL
We want to invite everyone that deals with any part of the Paranormal to come and to enjoy!
Speakers will be gathered to share their knowledge accordingly.
Keep your eye upon FGC & C.E.F.!!!
Florida Ghost Chasers/Close Encounters-Florida
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Paranormal Encounters PARACON 2013 Schedule Lineup:
8:45-9:00- Opening FGC/C.E.F.
9:00-9:15- Belly Dancers/Drumming
9:15-10:00- Ryan Smith- Ancient Civilizations
10:00-10:45- Nancy Haddock- Paranormal Author
11:00-11:45- Dave Shealy- Florida Skunk Ape
11:45-12:00- Raffle
12:00-1:00- Lunch
1:00-2:00- Pete Bolejack- Florida Paranormal Investigations
2:00-2:45- MUFON
2:45-3:00- Belly Dancers/ Drumming
3:00-4:30- Nancy Redstar
4:30-5:00- FGC/CEF Demonstrations/ Raffle
5:00-6:00- Dinner
6:00-7:30- Stanton Friedman
7:30-8:30- Debbie Perkins
8:30-9:30- Abel Garcia- Global United Para Research
9:30-10:00- Closing FGC/C.E.F.

We will be Raffling off 4 Tickets to a undisclosed location we will be investigating right after the Paracon starting at 11:00pm

Vendors will also receive a listing here as well, as we receive notice they will be seen!
More Forthcoming!!!


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Phone: 321-525-9931





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