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Welcome to Our Site

We are a group of investigators in the North Florida area who have come together to investigate claims of paranormal activity.

Our goal is to discover and record credible evidence of potential paranormal occurances through audio, video, and data specific means.


We are not recreational investigators.

Our mission is to collect verifiable evidence of the paranormal and to set a standard that will bring credibility to the field of paranormal research by bridging the gap between the paranormal researcher and the main-stream scientific communities.


If you or someone you know is experiencing something above the normal in your home or place of business and would like to have us come in to try and verify your claims, please email us at floridaghostchasers@gmail.com.

 A case manager will contact you to arrange the details.


Our team is comprised of people from different backgrounds and all walks of life, but we all have one thing in common the desire to prove whether or not phenomena exist that defy the boundaries of nature, science, and reason.


FGC holds its operations to a higher standard than can be found within the main-stream paranormal research community.


FGC has chosen to separate itself from the hordes of Dust Chasers who have successfully defined paranormal research as the pursuit of mythology, misinterpretation, and trickery. 


Our investigations are geared towards proving whether or not paranormal activity exists at all in its basic form as an occurrence that defies logical explanation.

Our tactics are geared towards eliciting and documenting genuine phenomena in a manner that will gain the respect and attention of the main-stream scientific community. We recognize that, in the end, they will be the ones who make the big discoveries pertaining to sources of paranormal activity. Our job is to provide justification and validation for their claims.

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Founders: Tabby and Mike Newcomb

Phone: 321-525-9931


Phone: 336-514-7668


Email: floridaghostchasers@gmail.com

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Welcome to our ParaCon!
FloridaGhostChasers/Close Encounters-Florida
The full ParaCon Pages are forthcoming very soon!
Please be patient....
Thank You...
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FGC's Update Board
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Update Board
4-09-2011 * Green Cove Springs, with visitor from UK, James Kemp!  7pm
4-16-2011 * Revisit Private Case, Northside Jacksonville. 8:30pm
4-30-2011 * Sloss Furnance, Birmingham Ala. 8pm
5-1-2011 * Private Case, Daytona Beach, FL  7pm
5-14-2011 * Meeting, St. Augustine, FL 6:pm
5-18-2011 * Private Case, Northside, Jacksonville, FL  7pm
5-24-2011 * St. Augustine Lighthouse, St. Augustine, FL  12pm
5-28-2011 * Demonology Class, St. Augustine,FL  7pm
6-25-2011 * FGC Road Trip --- Old South Pittsburg Hospital [all night investigation], others posted as we get them lined up!!



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Sorry guys....unfortunately we have found it a great need indeed to protect all of our work here in this Website.

It is very sad to have to do this, but we have found several items belonging to FGC upon other pages in the great vast Internet.

If you desire to borrow anything, please be adised that you need to request the Owner and Founder of FGC.

Depending upon the reason, I am sure that she will be very healpful and as always a Lady.

Everything upon these pages are property of FGC.

Thank you~


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